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Why Google Would Make a Great Boyfriend Part 1

Updated: Nov 13

Post by Onna Carr

I had a realization today that really, when it comes to dating, Google would make a great boyfriend. Google knows my likes, doesn't try to change me; but rather suggests things based on my existing preferences, recommends great YouTube MVs, and reminds me of my schedule and to take my iron supplement at 6 PM. Honestly, come to think of it, Google is quite awesome and helps me to be a better and calmer version of myself than I would be without them.

If there is one thing online dating has taught me so far, it is that people are interesting--they like you for certain qualities--honesty, abstinence, your sense of adventure, etc., and then ask if you would consider giving up those very qualities they say they appreciate--with them. They ask if you will have sex with them? Ah, as per my profile--no. They ask if you will give up your international living or future plans on that front? Ah, no again. I do not know if I will or will not ever marry, which for me would be the reason toward which I would date, but I do know after this time and the experiences of the last few months, that I will not give up who I am as a person to be with another, because if I do that I will have denied who I am to myself, which is one of the worst crimes in the world. Lying to yourself is far worse than lying to others, though both things are bad in general.

I could never before understand why some women give up their dreams and hopes and plans to be with their partners, and now I do understand why they did so, but have also with this realization come to find that I would never do this: it would be unfair to both parties--for me and that other person. I have come to discover I am content and happy on my own. I like who I am, and I like me--as is. I am strong, brave, and have come this far on an amazing and rather difficult journey.

I have discovered I love my life. I love being the friend and sister who is called when there is a medical emergency because I come with a built in Mayo-Clinic knowledge of what to do from heatstroke to slamming a hand in a door. I love my home: the quietness, the overstuffed furniture, the proliferation of houseplants that keeps growing at somewhat surprising rates. I love living honestly, and having friends and family who like me, as me--nothing more, nothing less.

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