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Why I Like/Love Stargate

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Kristina

My name is Kristina and I'm a Stargate & Sci-Fi Fan. I grew up with Star Wars, Star Trek, MacGyver

Stargate aired several months after is US release on TV in Germany. 

I watched Stargate a few times before I became a fan (Episode Bane). The German television channel RTL2 repeated the first season after ''Bane'' and my first complete episode was ''Children of the gods." With my dad, who is also a Stargate Fan,  I saw every episode on Wednesday evenings. I remember him asking me for my opinion back then. All I could say was: ''The guy with the golden clothes will he come back?'' APOPHIS, who was one of the main reasons why I like Stargate and SG-1. The second main reason is - of course - BA'AL! 

Why I like/love Stargate

Because the actors played their characters with a lot of talent and personality, the stories, the characters,  SG-1, Goa'uld,  Tok'ra, Asgard, Jaffa, Nox . . . all this makes this series even more special.

As a fan, you feel like you're part of a big worldwide fanbase, including the actors.  The 25th anniversary of the film and the continued interest in this franchise makes this series so special as does the fact that I can pass on the love / interest in this series to my children. My daughter, Catharina, is also a Stargate Fan. Another reason is that it's great that friendships that started with common interest in Stargate still exist. Stargate connects people worldwide. Stargate SG1 - is a great sci-fi-series that will always have a special place in my heart!

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