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Why Stargate SG-1 Will Always Be the Best Show of the Stargate Franchise Part 1

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by Saloja90

Ok. First of all I know the title, "Why Stargate SG-1 Will Always Be the Best Show of the Stargate Franchise” depends on viewpoint, so feel free to disagree.:) Let me explain why StargateSG-1 is the best series of the whole franchise. I guess the best way for doing this, is to take you back in time--only a little. You know the funny thing with memories is you can't always recall every moment of your life. For example, I have no clue what I did on the 3rd December 2016, because it was a ordinary day in my ordinary life. But some moments stick with you because you feel real joy in these moments or great pain, but no matter how or why there are some moments, some memories that you can't (and won't) forget.

So perhaps it may appear a little over-the-top to say I had a similar experience with Stargate SG-1 but, for me, it is not. I still remember the first episode I ever watched was W-O-W! I had watched some parts of several episodes before but mostly because the TV was on while I had something else to do or because my elder Sister wasn’t there to watch Buffy (we shared a TV). But this episode really caught my attention. I still remember that I had a very bad day back then and that I was very upset about something. Stargate SG-1 was on TV and there were these guys stuck in a time loop, who got totally frustrated about it first, because they had to relive that day over-and over-again without having the chance to change anything. But watching Jack O'Neill and Teal'C starting to realize all the opportunities they got because of the time loop, without being afraid of punishment or consequences and the way they handled it, made me laugh sooo hard! For example, “In the middle of my backswing?"

So I may have had a very bad day but Stargate SG-1 had left me in tears of laughter! So after that really good start, I began to watch Stargate SG-1 every week. Yes, the fight for the TV remote controller on Wednesday evenings were real!

I've since learned more about the whole World of Stargate: about the Team and the people behind the camera. I may came for the humour, for the action, and maybe even for the ship, but I've stayed forthe people.

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