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Why Stargate SG-1 Will Always Be the Best Show of the Stargate Franchise Part 2

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

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We had this crazy bunch of characters; everyone with their very own weaknesses and strengths; with different intentions; different minds and values. None one of them was perfect or flawless. Everyone had something to struggle with. To see those different people go from a team to a family, besides all the great stories and the humour and the action--this was the special thing for me. The chemistry between the actors on-screen and off-screen was so joyful to watch.

I won´t say that this counts for every episode or that the storytelling always was on point ( there are so many things still unclear because we never got the chance to see the turn out onscreen--a shout-out for all the fan fiction writers out there!) but I have learned a lot from SG-1. Every character was so well-played and thoughtfully written with all the multifaceted aspects of humanity.

I mean we had this great leader (Jack) who was a broken men at the beginning, a full military man just doing his job. But we saw his hard shell crack more-and-more with the time and behind that shell was still a broken men, but there was so much more. A guy with a great big heart behind all the jokes. A man who would sacrifices everything for his Team, for his family. A man who literally went through hell, but never gave up.

We had this crazy young, let me say naïve archaeologist (Daniel) who always wanted to the see the good in everyone and everything and which brought SG-1 more than once in great danger cause of his curiosity. But for me he always were like the jiminy cricket of SG-1, sometimes a pain; but also, the voice of good sense, who looked far beyond the visible, who wasn´t afraid to stand up if he saw something wrong.

Then we had this strong, big, silent guy (Teal'C), who put his whole trust on a men he even didn´t know. Because he saw something in him, because he believed in the chance of a better world, a better life for his people. He left everyone he knew for a chance, for a “what if." This silent guy he became a value member of SG-1, a part of the family. When Daniel was the voice of good sense, Teal'c was the loyal one, the rock of the Team: someone who saw the issues, the flaws of the people around him, but he never judged them, or tried to change them.. he was just there with his silent strength and safety when they needed him the most.

Last but not least, the person I´ve learned more from, totally the heart of the team: Samantha Carter.

A brilliant, intelligent, independent, beautiful, strong woman in a man's world, in a man's brotherhood trying to find her way, to stand her ground. Samantha never was afraid or let herself stopped by anyone: she made the impossible possible with integrity, with passion and self-confidence. She never gave up and never stopped wanting to learn, to experience more.

As I´ve said from the beginning. I came for the humour, for the action, and the ship, but I stayed for the people. Even so, I´m also a huge fan of SGA as well. Nonetheless, for me, there is NO show (not within or outside of the franchise), which can compare with Stargate SG-1.

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