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Winter and It's Weather

The Little Heater

This last Sunday, we traversed the plains in search of the-perfect- little-heater-that-could. Our old, stalwart little heater had quit about a week before. Our old heater was the Chimney Free brand that resembled a small wood stove and heated up to 400 square feet. We had purchased the heater early last autumn at a moving sale for $50 and had used the heater to heat our living room during the 2015-2016 winter. We moved the heater into our new residence this autumn, and had the heater run non-stop from late November through early January in our living area until we awoke to a defunct blower.

We turned off the heater for a bit and then turned it back on later in the day. The heater then ran for about a week, at which point the blower quit again and the plug-in and control panel became rather hot. We contacted a friend who knows about such things, who informed us that when the blower dies on a heater, the plug-in soon gets too hot and melts or the unit shoots out flames--I do not think he was joking. Needless to say, at such news, we felt a new heater was a very good idea. We then went to Walmart, where we found a Chimney Free brand, wood-stove type heater that came with a two-year warranty, and happened to be the only heater of its kind left!

We brought home our new Chimney Free heater, and set to work assembling the unit. I often wonder if the creators of such a model ever put their creation together? I believe that if the inventors of this model of Chimney Free heater had to install their own creation, they would have designed the unit with metal legs and an easier way to attach the legs to the body of the unit than three, phillip's head screws per leg; but, I digress.

I love the way these little heaters look and perform. There is a hobbit-hole-like quality to walking into a room on a chilly day and seeing flames and hearth simulation. Practically, I like that this infrared heater covers 1,500 square feet and has the look of a fireplace/wood-stove without having to have to have to chop wood and clean up soot. I also prefer the way the heat blows rather than radiates in this larger area of our residence for comfort. In essence, this little heater adds to our house's interior design and warms our residence both physically and aesthetically with its cute and practical nature.

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