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Writing and Who I Am

Updated: Sep 9

Post by Onna Carr

I feel writing is just part of what I do as a part of who I am, sort of like breathing is a way to stay alive on this third rock from the sun. Writing comes in waves of variation rather than as a constant in my life.

Sometimes, I get inspired and can write a 200+ page novel and have the whole story easily come to me from beginning to end. Other times I have an idea come to me, jot down the gist of it on a series of recipe cards, and then unearth it a decade later to breath new life into its sleeping soul.

I think writing is a quixotic and sometimes impudent creature that we do not tame, but help to create the best of itself or let it lead us along as our pens rush across the pages, crafting works ranging from non-fiction to graphic novels.

Sometimes, writing stills as life gets busy and my energy is needed elsewhere. I am not good at focusing at more than three things at once, so when it comes to writing projects, I may have some projects I want to finish in the next decade, but I categorize them and work on things in matter of importance so that they get completed in a systematic fashion. Completing things in this aforementioned fashion has allowed me to finish several projects and eliminated a substantial amount of writer's block because I make myself finish one project before moving on to another.

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